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Syria, Eastern Ghutta £1,350.00

Togo and Benin £450.00

Help us Raise £20,000 in the fight against water scarcity. 

Clean water was already scarce, and now the limited resource have become more limited. There simply isn’t enough water to go around, and people must ration enough to use for drinking, bathing, and cooking. The lack of sufficient water causes stress, serious health problems and tension between the people in Syria. 

A quarter of the Togolese and Beninese population don’t have access to drinking water within 30 minutes walking distance. While 90% in urban areas can access clean water only 43% in rural areas have the same luck. You can support the Togolese and Beninese people by donating towards a water well.

We intend to invest in a further
15 water wells spread across Togo, Benin and Syria. The price of water wells are as follow: