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Charity Shop and HQ

In March 2015, we established a shop in order to further our organisation activities. The premises is perfectly situated in the heart of Highfields, Leicester, serving the local community in a number of ways. We are now better located to interact with the community so that ANO becomes a household name.

The shop is open to the public throughout the week to take your donations and to answer your queries regarding our activities both here and around the world. 

We sell an array of different goods, some brand new, some second hand. We have a selection of clothing for all members of the family, baby equipment, lighting and other electrical goods, footwear, handbags, jewellery, belts, perfumes, toiletries, children's toys, books, furniture and kitchenware. Our products are forever changing and everything is a bargain.

Many kind individuals and businesses donate old and new objects for the benefit of the needy people around the world. If you have anything which is in good condition, which you feel might sell, we would be glad to take it. For larger items, please phone us first so that we can inspect for suitability. We ask the public not to leave anything outside the shop at any time.

​We plan to raise a lot of necessary funds through this latest venture with your help.





Phone:  0300 1240260​


Opening Times: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm