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ANO operates on a 100% donations policy. Every penny of Zakah and Sadaqah received is used strictly for charitable purposes.

ANO understands the importance of trust; the responsibility and accountability it brings.

It is why every single pound that ANO receives is fully allocated to its designated project. Not a single penny is taken for other purposes.

For example: If a donor gives £10 with the intention of helping a widow or an orphan, ANO ensures that the widow or an orphan child receives the full £10. Since the charity began, not a single penny has ever been deducted for fundraising or administration costs.

All the charity’s costs are covered by:

Donations specified for administration.
We have several generous donors who support us directly in maintaining the administrative costs to ensure the 100% donations policy is maintained.

Profits received from the charity shop. 

Any excess items donated to the charity are sold at the charity shop to create further funds.

Gift Aid Tax reclaimed
Donors can not only gift aid their monetary donation but also their physical donations to the charity.

‘Indeed Allah commands that you should render back the trusts to those to whom they are due.’ (Quran , 4:58)

Here at ANO we have a 100% donation policy, so all of the money you donate will go to the projects you intended it for. We do of course have administration costs we need to cover i.e. container costs, travel expenses etc.

Without the funds to cover these costs we cannot continue to do our job. Please donate so we can continue to keep our 100% donation policy. 


100% Donation Policy


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