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"Whoever saved a life, it would be as if they saved the life of all mankind." (Qur'an 5:32)
Born from the need to help others. Rooted from our Islamic faith. Aid for the Needy and Oppressed (ANO), an independent non-governmental organisation (NGO), was set up in 2013 to distribute necessary aid to impoverished people around the world
Our mission
We provide support where it is needed, when it is needed regardless of race, age, sex or religious believes. We work to:
·         Provide emergency support for the needy and oppressed internationally to mitigate and provide relief of disasters.
·         Support local communities through social and economic programmes to address root causes of poverty.
·         The relief of the needy living around the world, either generally or individually through the provision of grants, goods and services.

The Organisation


Aid For the Needy and Oppressed is a non profit organisation based in Leicester UK. It was born from a worry and a need to help the pitiful plight of others from around the world. Umar bin Iqbal, set-up ANO in 2013 in order to continue the struggle of distributing food, clothing, funds and other types of necessary aid to the impoverished peoples from around the world.

Our inspiration is rooted from our faith that teaches us to be charitable, generous and selfless. The Prophet (peace be upon him) stated:

'What actions are most excellent? To gladden the heart of human beings,to feed the hungry, to help the afflicted, to lighten the sorrow of the sorrowful and to remove the sufferings of the injured.'

Umar Bin Iqbal

My journey began in May 2013. I was fortunate enough to take part in an aid convoy to Syria with Libyan Crescent. After seeing the needs of the people out there I came back with a drive and determination to do more.

This was the beginning of my journey into the world of Charity.

My aim and goal is simple, To help where it is needed most. 

The vision for ANO began as a humble response to a need of one people. It is now growing into a dream of being able to reach out to so many more. 

Your support is invaluable and I pray God grants us all the opportunity to serve humanity.

A word from the Director